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Are you stuck? Too many plot holes? Flat characters? Something “not quite right” but can’t put your finger on it? Claude can help. With over 13 years of experience teaching screenwriting at the New York Film Academy, and 40 years in the film industry, there’s no one better to finesse your screen play.

Please note: This service is not available to students currently enrolled at the New York Film Academy.


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Direct Your Masterpiece

The screenplay is done and you’re about to shoot. But are you truly ready? Claude will provide expert feedback on Director’s prep work, including storyboards, floor plans, character analysis and more.

Please note: This service is not available to students currently enrolled at the New York Film Academy.


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Claude opened my eyes up to some flaws my characters had in their design and with their relationship to one another. His feedback and ideas helped me redesign a few minor traits that made the bond and struggle between the protagonist and antagonist more dramatic on paper and more believable on screen. The advice and lessons learned have carried over into the next script I’m writing and once completed, I will be asking for his help again.
— Peter J DeJesus, Creative Producer/Director at 4th Unit Productions
I’ve known and worked with Claude Kerven for nearly forty years and can say, without equivocation, that he’s dedicated his professional and artistic life to storytelling, making movies and teaching the best practices for those disciplines. Writers, producers and directors entrusting their work to his knowledgable eye, are in good hands.
— Gary Sales, Producer/Director/DGA Member
Claude gave me some really useful feedback on my screenplay, helped me figure out several problems I was having with my story. He always inspired me to have a better idea for the story line. He is also really focused on the details of the story, helped me create a story without any logical problem. I can say that his advice will be well worth the cost of his services, I highly recommend to fellow writers and directors.
— Muzappar Osman, Filmmaker/Designer/Editor
Claude Kerven has the intuitive sense of what comprises a compelling screenplay and how to bring it to life on the page. His extensive expertise in writing for film and television and dedication in mentoring other screenwriters makes him a rare find, resource, and talent.
— Michael A. Unger, Filmmaker, Writer, Assistant Professor of Film


About Claude

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Claude’s career began with the debut of his short film, “Candy Store,” which won an Academy Award for Best Dramatic Student Film. In 1982, he directed a series of Afterschool Specials for ABC-TV, including the Emmy Award winning “Starstruck” and the Director’s Guild of America nominated “High School Narc.”

Claude also directed over 25 short films for Saturday Night Live, including the much celebrated “Synchronized Swimmers.” His most recent directorial work, “They Never Found Her,” starred Madmen’s Elisabeth Moss and Fargo’s Peter Storemare.

In 1990, Claude co-authored “Mortal Thoughts,” for Columbia Pictures, starring Bruce Willis, Harvey Keitel and Demi Moore.


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