Screenplay Analysis Components:

Logline: A one line description of your story (you can also take a free logline tutorial here)

Synopsis: A condensed version of the screenplay plot.

Overview - your script's general strengths and weaknesses. Addressed also are concept, characterization and dialog.

Plot and Structure: How the forward motion of the story is revealed.

Voice and Tone:
The uniqueness of your writing voice.



A logline is a one to two sentence engaging description of your story. The ideal logline makes us want to read the script.Loglines have a point of view. An omniscient point of view is in the third person. It is often the main character’s point of view – it tells the story from the perception of the main character. Consider the following OMNISCIENT loglines:


This is Dorothy’s experience of the story.A teenage girl is caught in a tornado and whisked from Kansas to the land of Oz where, on her quest to return home, she encounters magical beings and has many adventures.But each significant character in a screenplay will also experience the story from their point of view.

Consider the following examples:

• The Wizard’s POV

A sideshow charlatan is caught in a tornado and travels “over the rainbow” to the strange land of OZ where he is hailed as a god and must keep up pretenses so the populous does not discover he is merely human.

• Glinda The Good Witch’s POV

After a farm girl from Kansas accidentally kills an evil witch in the land of Oz, the good witch, who protects the inhabitants, sends the girl to consult a powerful wizard to find out how she can also kill another, more powerful witch.

• The Wicked Witch Of The West’s POV

When a farm girl from Kansas accidentally kills an evil witch in the land of Oz, the witch’s sister swears vengeance and tries to kill the girl before she can seek the protection of a powerful wizard.They sound like different movies, don’t they? Consider varying points of view in loglines for other films:


• OMNISCIENT POV (also Sarah Connor’s pov)

A young woman is stalked by a killing machine sent from the future and learns she is marked for death because she will bear a child who saves mankind from extermination.

• Kyle Reese’s POV

A freedom fighter from the future must make a desperate journey back in time to save a woman targeted for death by an intelligent cyborg killing machine.

• The Terminator’s POV

An intelligent cyborg must journey back in time and try to kill the human whose existence threatens the future of his kind.


• OMNISCIENT POV – Note that the logline is about both children because, although Scout is the narrator, the story is from their joint point of view. Through the eyes of two young children, the racial drama of a local rape unfolds and teaches them hard lessons about the world

• Scout’s POV

In 1930’s Georgia, a young girl learns about racism for the first time as she sees her lawyer father fail to save the life of a black man falsely accused of rape.

• Atticus’s POV

In defending a black man falsely accused of rape a southern lawyer must watch his young children learn the hard lessons of racism in 1930’s Georgia

• Tom Robinson’s POV

When he is wrongly accused of rape, a poor black man must rely on the abilities of a well meaning defense lawyer whose best arguments are not enough in the racist climate of 1930’s Georgia.

• Mayella Ewell’s POV

Rather than face her forbidden desire, a poor white girl in 1930’s Georgia accuses an innocent black man of rape and sets in motion a series of events which end in tragedy

• Mr. Ewell’s POV

A poor white farmer whose daughter claims she was raped decides to seek revenge on the lawyer who defended the black man convicted of the crime.

• Boo Radley’s POV

A reclusive man who yearns for the friendship of two young children must ultimately save them from a madman bent on revenge against their father.

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